Yesterday by Promise Osigwe #WarOfWords4

Yesterday by Promise Osigwe 

Yesterday I saw pieces of the sun fall
Descending like bright dust upon the earth
And it reminded me of the day we met
Cause that day such as yesterday everything seemed perfect
Loving you seemed right
Holding you with all my might
Assured me every single time that this love is true
Because a day without you changes the colour of the sky to something other than blue.
Sadly, like yesterday everything is fleeting
This love that yesterday seemed so right, today keeps my heart bleeding
You walked out and you took my sun with you
Now you have turned my heart into a shadow of what it used to be
Daily I sit and ask myself how we grew apart
But the distance between the moon and the earth doesn’t stop them from enjoying each others company at night
Frankly, we didn’t try
It was our responsibility to make everyday like yesterday till we both die
Yesterday someone asked me if what I felt for you was right
And I answered saying an emphatic yes
And he asked what was left of what was right
Before my lips could part ways to vocalize the words which would be my answer, I realized
I realized in an instant
That even though we are distant
I had idolized you and kept your memories in a sacred part of my heart
And so I answered without fear of being misunderstood
Because that which I felt for you yesterday was true
And today more than yesterday it is more fresh and new
so what is left of what is right is everything but you

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