What is left of what is right by Poetic Lekantic #WarOfWords4

What is left of what is right by Abe Olalekan aka Poetic LekANTIC

Hello, my name is Olalekan Abe aka Poetic LekANTIC and I’m here to
give you a review on a poem titled “What is Left of What is Right?”

Now, when we say “what is left of what is right.”
First, What is right? What is left? Directions??
OK then, so what is left of what is right? That is just an ambiguous
lucid question,
that if you ask a handicap that has lost both the fore and hind limb,
would probably be sad and out of rage, shout on you and say “Lemme!”
But if you ask someone political,
they will probably treat it like it’s rhetorical.
But then if you decide to remise,
I bet you’d keep meeting people who are nonchalant and full of remiss.

Still on the question,
what is right? Education.
What is left? Talent empowered vocation.
what is right? Affection.
What is left? Racism and divided Religion.
Everything is turning or falling into stage of deterioration.
Every addition and multiplication
as respectively turn to subtraction and division.
I’m muddled about the route to righteousness and solution
but I’m certain that we need divine correction.

Now what is left of what is right?
I can’t really tell. Why?
Because it all depend on each and everyone’s moral conviction.
Some may see the left as wrong, some may see the right as wrong and
some may even see the two as right.
It all depend on where our retina saw the light.
Now what is right? I’ll tell you it’s tranquillity
but what is left? insanity.
No one is practicing fidelity
and believe me you, there is nobody putting on a venous wear of
nobility and loyalty.
It’s all just confusing because in one word,
I can tell you that what is left of what is right is a profoundly
confound conformity.
It’s like everyone as turn ambidextrous,
we can’t even tell between our right and left.
Omnivorous, as we are, we just accept things as they come our way.
We don’t even care if it is green or filled with blood.
Oh Lord our God,
please save us from these our oblivion.
Please save us from our self-inflicted gory cold
Lord our God,
help us to know between our right and left,
Help us to tell the difference,
We need to know our right, then figure out if there is any left.
Then, we can rejuvenate what is left,
Just to set things right.
Thank you.

This video was voluntarily shot upside down & shaded to show the level of disorder and invert the subject matter inflict on our everyday living.

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