What is left of what is right? by Kolawole Omolara #warofwords4

What is left of what is right? by Kolawole Omolara

You asked me what is left of what is right?
So, I embarked on a quest. I desperately searched for
What is right, in this hopelessly and continually decaying place.
See, I grew up in a society where their values and their beliefs
Change every single day.
Propriety is overthrown, variety is enthroned.
What was considered wrong yesterday is the rave today.

As I stood in the hallway, I heard the shared chuckles
Of my pre-pubertal brothers
As they feasted on lewd nude pictures leaked in the media.
I heard the sigh of my grandma, who couldn’t quite understand,
Why they kept talking about anaconda.
I discovered, that our role models
Are drug addicts and we imitate ex-convicts.

I heard our leaders give rehearsed unoriginal explanations
For their actions and they were not held responsible
Because we absolved them with our ever-changing standards.

I stared at the walls of what was
4 months ago, a stepping stone for girls
Now, a graveyard that has birthed sorrow and anguish
But, where are the girls?
Mindless, Madness, Idiocy, seriously
These are the words that have been used to describe us.

What is left of what of what is right?
I looked to the society, they could not help me.
The search within me yielded nothing.
Because my sense of right and wrong is empty.

As I stared at the embers of my smoldered passion,
I saw a light in the darkness of this tunnel.
My tunnel vision broadened.
Now I see that perhaps in the innocent smile
Of a child unperturbed by the glow of selfishness.
Maybe when contentedness, willingness
And progressiveness become values desired by all.
Maybe, when honesty and candor are not scarce attributes.
Maybe one day, we act as if the effects of our actions really do matter
As if tomorrow exists on a plane beyond the draw of gravity

One day, we’ll have absolutes defined by standards beyond
Our bent flimsy consciences and consciously we forget
About the law of relativity that has tainted us
We ignore ill-conceived ideologies
Go back to the beginnings and embrace the truth.
Then will our hearts pound with passion
And we can take charge of our destinies
Then will we find what is left of what is right?

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