#WarOfWords4 – What is left of what is right? by Paul Uma Joshua aka Paul Word

#WarOfWords4 – What is left of what is right? by Paul Uma Joshua aka Paul Word

Can’t you see the signpost at the left pointing to the right??
Didn’t it say what is meant not to be left is what is supposed to me taught right??
Can’t you stand, stare, think right and in your actions be more upright

The rod you wield is not to wand off the poor
but to nod to their every needs
and not out off your self-righteousness write-us-less

Freedom of speech you’ve given us
but i know freedom after speech you can’t guarantee us,
so we keep our mouth shut
cause a bullet to the head will be the response we’ll get if we start pointing fingers

Our poor students fall victim to your deceit
they have no money in their hands, nor coat or right pocket
so they won’t pass their exam cause
they can’t afford to drop few pennies in their teachers pockets though they’ve buried their heads within piles of books
till their eyes popped out their result always look like a calendar, February 9

We have no say in things that concern us
we now bite our tongues within our words
the right to keep silence you’ve made us practice
public opinion now becomes a private opinion

You’ve placed us in a plight with tools that are not right
your poli-tricks you force us to imbibed
the right to endure pain you’ve made us see is alright
please tell me is this right??

Your constitution preaches protection
but it’s another thing you practice
heads roll everyday in the north and you’re not pricked
cause your conscience has been bought
the one you sold to corruption
though within this crisis, nemesis
we still comfort ourselves with the phrase
we are the giant of Africa”
how pathetic cause we’re nothing but a sleeping giant
one who has been lost in it slumber state
and yet we say we are the giant of Africa
call it the irony of a myopic typical Nigerian
who sees what is wrong and calls it right
but ultimately call it the stupidity
that we all fail to protect what is left of what is right
cause we all feel that nothing is left of what is right

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