#WarOfWords4 What is left of what is right by Onele Peter Cole

What is left of what is right by Onele Peter Cole

Oga, na wetin you carry*?
This is the anthem of the black-clad guard of truth!
What is left of what is right?
Holy truth has departed, leaving behind the wicked night,
Judases rule the streets, the Daniels are dead;
That man stood for what is right, his body left his head.

The dawn of justice was murdered in its sleep by the saints of corruption,
Must I cry or weep on the final rites of honesty’s eruption?
What is left of the good, is there any sweet sun to shine on wet tomorrow
Will terrorism forever still steal away our balm of peace,
Making thorns of our beds of warmth and ease…?

The storms of hatred and thick drops of pain,
Brew endlessly like hot coffee on a cold day,
The butchers of tomorrow, still stutter around with their bellies full of shame,
Forgetting that the vulture goes bald, never to grow back again,
And though the right be trampled in the earth,
Yet the pelting march of truth’s rain,
Will bring the whole world to the right.

When you see the pall-bearers of truth’s corpse,
Tell them that the cannons they shot have back-fired,
And the truth they bury will be back to haunt them.
When you meet the thieves of hope,
Tell them that the eagle’s wings have been clipped and its flight cut short,
For no one sits after swallowing a pestle.

The robbers of our future now wear the national honours,
And the real heroes now perish in the castles of penury,
What is left of what is right?
Should I take the left, or follow the right?
Truth may be a luxury and honesty a forgotten jewel,
But I would rather be a ragged slave to integrity, than wear the royal robes of corruption.

What is right of the remains left
Is the sigh of grief we regretfully utter….
What is left of what is right,
Is the rare courage which we must daily muster…..

*Pidgin for-Sir, what are you carrying?

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