#WarOfWords4 What is left of What is right by Jerry aka JustJerry

What is left of What is right by Jerry aka JustJerry

What is left of what is right,
when all thou dreams are gone,
and all hope have been trampled upon,
by the endless mare of lust and vanity.

There is nothing left of the light,
that sparkled from that heart,
which made promises never to part,
with thou that it called its sanctuary.

What love that is left cast it out with spite,
let thy pain and hate build up inside,
thou body which has aged of glory and pride,
to be fooled by the one thought trustworthy.

Gather what is left of thy might,
that power of old thou has boasted of,
show unto the world thou are still tough
and seek vengeance for dead is chivalry.

Know that I that is left is right,
For I have stood with you as a friend,
and will stay with you till the very end,
into heaven, hell and even purgatory.

O, friend my soul shivers by thy word,
a true friend certainly thou have been,
thou are dear to me as my kith and kin,
but now thou has caused me great fright.

Vengeance against all that of blood,
carries a curse since the days of Cain,
forgiveness is a gift that cleanses pain,
I must put that within my sight.

The Lord is my staff and my rod,
he shall guide and lead me,
command me of what I shall do and be,
certainly my battles he shall take as his fight.

Truly friend damned is the world,
in the boat of vanity all will join,
for betrayal is now common as coin,
and I have felt the fangs from its bite.

But I shall choose the way of the Lord,
And when the time of judgement has come,
heaven would raise my hand saying I am,
what is left of what is right.

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