#WarOfWords4 “What is Left..?” by Olufisayo Lydia Olanrewaju

#WarOfWords4 “What is Left..?” by Olufisayo Lydia Olanrewaju

What is right?
A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.
Wrap fecal matter in polite names; the best of rose petals
would it not still smell like shit?
So let me turn the words on their belly and ask, what is right
of what is left?

The same question; a different vantage point.
What is right of what is left?
What is left?
What is left is plenty, I will name three…

Some people say because Obama is Slapping Islamic State with
rockets and the other big brothers are supporting his arm, we should prepare
for another world war.

Is the world not already at war?
A war, not of guns and war lords getting richer as by the
corpsefull, but of hunger, disease, and intellectual poverty.
of pharmaceutical and political warlords getting richer by the corpsefull still.

Over 3000 have died and more will follow in Liberia and other
at-risk parts of Africa; the economy in Ghana is failing; people are too tired,
too hungry, too exhausted from running from their never-ending bills and
inability to better their lot to ask the elected to be a bit more responsible.

Where will today’s meal come from?
we are not worrying about tomorrow, just give us today’s meal.
We don’t mind sleeping in the rain; just give us medicine to
cure the cold when we catch it.
Just educate my child, I will open your gate and be subservient
till my bones are too stiff to kneel at your fattened feet.

So what is right of what is left?

Anarchy, panic and hunger reinforce our need to hold on
tightly to hope.
Hope is why we get up each morning and still “praise the lord”
on Sunday.
Hope is why a woman can still open her legs to man knowing
she will get pregnant and they would have to work the for the best part of
their lives to feed, nurture and educate that child.
Hope is why the man can still raise his head from the plow
for long enough to swipe away the sweat, and promise undying love to that woman,
even though he can barely feed his goat.

Anarchy, panic and hunger help us find faith not in
humanity, but in the Alfather, the Almighty and in his master plan.
Faith that if we try one more time, pray harder, work smarter, something will give, and life will pinch us less.
Faith that we will have a better life than our parents did, and that our labors will be harvests for our children to savor.

Anarchy, panic and hunger leave us with no other option than to trust
that the almighty will not sit by and watch the world eat itself into
Trust that He will heal, restore and re-calibrate mankind when the
clock strikes right.
Trust that the future will listen to the song on our lips; listen to the voice of reason and chose to be bright.
I name three that is left and three that is right
And what is right of what is left is what is left of what is

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