#WarOfWords4 Mediocre by Youngflashy

Mediocre by Youngflashy

Looking behind your eyes
Lies the true and the false numberless,

I’m talking about days when the truth
Apprenticed lies
And it’s tease didn’t matter in our culture, so
When the “left” sold its birth to “right”
We call it birth right,right?

The right of most that had been
Rightly right’s,have out rightly
Been misplaced like this vehicle we
Are in-Nigeria,
Our Steering is made left for this poli-thieves
And While we lost the right to ask for Our right.
So I caught a troubled nation at my backyard,
Chewing her left nails and the
Right” fingers loaded with red curtest,
Shuuuuw,omor this thing look like blood Oh!
With a heart broken sobering voice,
Screaming,there’s God Oh!
there’s God Oh!
From Abuja to Maiduguri with eye
Bleeding fear,looking fresh but Wounded brilliantly and colourfully Painted with words like
Ee go better wey no dey gree better

So with things no longer at ease
Our girls no longer cheeeeeese at camera
But stylishly frowns like ‘Uh uh’,
No more chees balls chibok girls
Mama taiwo,papa abiodun and other
families drawn in tears,
The next morning as I opened my windows
I saw widows who’s husbands “left”
Behind died in fighting for our “right”
Among them I saw trust roaming like
A whore searching for a companion,
And love over used and dumped by many.
Even pen and paper snubs the truth
Cause they’re scared of been torn by corrupt minds.

A nation where questions mourns answers so ima-obong offended the gods, okon received lashes the painful Sweetness of nothing, but we received The lashes of over 2000 lost to boko haram counting
With lesser number of smiles left,
Where are we heading to left or right?

A nation where it’s condolence has
brittle the effectiveness of grandmothers
snuff and her frown hidden by her
See,You can’t trace tears on a mans face
Bitten by rain,

So,God proved his glory sitting at the
Right and what’s left of right to
Do next is judgement,
Yet we asked what’s left of what’s right-Right?
Aaaite I tell you what …
With insanity taking over noise and
Replacing good music, only thing
Left of what is right is yaba-left

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