#WarOfWords3: WHAT NIGERIA WANTS by Yusuff

Awake thou that sleepest
Snap out of the comfort of fancy
Gird thy loins and quit looking at the hills, its time to climb it
four your songs of peace and liberation is become a rendition of sit down mockery
an end like the hopelessness of sorcery
Arise and snatch your future from the hands of your slaver
Take it out of the hands of injustice
Out of the hands of thieves and liars
Out of the hands of the oldies
Its time we slay shame and fear- stare destiny in the eyes and tell it-
This- Is- What -We- Want!
We want a hero, like the iliofemural ligament of bigelow
holding tight the front line of ilium unto the femur
Making the strides of our nation felt more
We want a legend like thor- slinging hammer shot through the heaping stalks of our distress
We want to be fluoride, flushing off chloride and every glandes-hing dirt of caries
Despite the wealth of our differences we yet claps in the hidden warmth of that which made us unique
We want to sit on the same table; hausa, igbo and yoruba
Then awe and delight in the symphony of our diversity
The aesthetic in the delicate cutting of our Tuwo
The harmonious poise in the molding of our Akpu
The nimble in the swallowing of our Amala
We want!
A state in which we will muster “feefle” and not be waved as Hausa- but Nigerians
Hola “their is Ope, there is Ope” and not be despised as this Yoruba- but Nigerians
Flaunt in the bounty of our naiiiiiRAh, and not be seen as that Igbo- but Nigerians
We want to sway and sway and bask in the celebration of who we are!
We want to fly, we want to flap our wings and soar,
Above the reach of terror
Above the reach of tribalism
Above the religious bigots
We want to be happy-
We want to be alive-
We want to be nothing but NIGERIANS!!!

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