#WarOfWords3: Nigerians want change by David Atilola

Nigerians are happy
Nigerians are strong
Nigerians are resilient
Nigerians are brave
But what do Nigerians really want?

Some will say prayer
But isn’t that the prayer
Our forefathers prayed?

Everyday we look around the world
Yet we don’t live our word
Because Nigerians can’t dream
Nigerians just rant in the sleep

If we walk on our talk
Or talk on our walk
Maybe we are going to move to the top

Nigerians can’t dream
Nigerians can’t think
Nigerians can’t sleep
Nigerians can’t read
Nigerians can’t pray
Yet I believe in change

Because Nigerians want change
We must change our ability
Not just dress the personality
We must change our spirituality
And stop playing hypocrity

So next time you ask
What do Nigerians want?
Nigeria want you and I
To fly in the sky
And transform all it rocks

Nigerians want change
The change in you
The change in me
Stop sleeping
Nigeria want you
Because Nigerians want change.


Name: David Atilola
Stage Name: David Atilola
Email Address: atiloladavid1@gmail.com

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