#Warofwords3 NewNIGERIA by El-karis Ipinmoroti

A country where our votes will count

where our leaders come into office with an active conscience, and not without a heart,

A government of the people,for the people and by the people.

Not by mouth
but by every single thing that our democracy stands for.
Constant electricity,constant water supply
What more could we ask for,
but a better Naija
Where fuel go dey,
and food go dey.
Where a youth like me go be the next Dangote
not an Hausa man,
not an Igbo man,
not a Yoruba man,
we want a Nigerian, 
who irrespective of his culture or religion
will take over the wheel and sail us to the promised land.

Not an Hausa woman,

not an Igbo woman,

not a yorubawoman

we want a true Nigerian.

Who puts the people first and not the other way round.

Who doesnt eat alone but lets the National cake go round.

This country na for all of us,

e no be for some people dem.

Make dem no dey form with the same office,

wey na we put dem.

We want good roads,

we want security

a better healthcare system and diversified economy.

It shouldn’t be about oil alone,

lets do other things

lets invest in sports, entertainment. other things.

Lets do agriculture,

lets be self sufficient

lets invest in human capital development.

We want our youths to be more involved in politics

if we are the leaders of tomorrow

then those are prophecies that might never come through,

if we do not start now.

The last time i checked there was nothing like the right time

Naija go beta,

its more like a cliche

we have been talking since

just when are we gonna reach there?

just when are we gonna reach there?

2015 ko? Its around the corner

only those with our interest in mind should be our leaders.



Meanings of words/ slangs used in the poem

Where fuel go dey and food go dey,where a youth like me go be the next Dangote = Where there will be fuel and there will be food,where a youth like me will be the next Dangote
This country na for all of us e no be for some people dem, make dem no dey form with de same office make na we put dem = This country belongs to all of us and not just to certain group of people, they shouldn’t be filling big with the office of which we elected them into.
Ko? = Right?
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