#WarOfWords3: MENTAL SANITATION by Osigwe Benjamin

Have you ever live in pain, with a bleeding heart
Side by side
To paint pictures of a country in distress?
Have you ever seen a once blessed land cry?
Or has pain ever look you to your face and smile?

We all want a country where everything works
But how then can we achieve success, when failure lives
Unity has no say
Togetherness is dead
And we know no more songs than dirge

The wrong war was fought yesterday
Only to come drink from out blood
As we are now slaves to dogmatic principles

With pain a voice cry, with a shapeless mind set
“Take our oil, and develop our land”
That they said, would give then joy

Another voice cries, for threat to come know life
Forgetting how yesterday mocked our
Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters
“No! Biafra” they said should exist

Another voice with rage, screams and slams
Unable to define it cause
Parading like a wounded lion
Sucking our innocent blood, dry
“No! Everlasting power” they said they need

Then the hope of a country
Where everything work, is lost
For confusion has settled in our land
And we have all scattered into personal interest

Nigerians wants unity
Nigerians wants love
Nigerians wants peace
I mean, a new Nigeria
But all these that sounds melodious
Have been murdered by all those, we place to become gods
Over us all

All we now know is kill
Kill brothers, kill sisters, kill all and take all
But none will be truly ours
So pain leaves us, to become a wandering poem
In a poet’s thought, too difficult to analyze

So we continue to wish
To wake up someday
To see a big ship, bigger than titanic
To bring us all goodies of life
Like how “Holiness” was brought, tied with fantasies
And we all bought like fool

Today our consciousness has been sealed
We smile like intelligent zombies
Pretend cool, drinking silence
Though sage said
“Why do you want to rise up and kill
That’s ill”
Here contradiction smiles, and leaves the mind to decide for itself
On how to kill sin, that is far from death

What Nigerians should be yearning for
Is a “mental sanitation” for all to be cleansed
From their madness of “Angels and Demons”
For such thought alone, without some striking cords
Will only nature the mind, to grow in ignorance
And as such, the mind will die in contradictions
Of what it truly don’t know

So you see
One way we can marry our pen, to make words speak
Is to kill our “Ignorance”
To have a new Nigeria, where all will be equally- equal and free


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