#WarOfWords3: IN BROAD DAYLIGHT by I am Rage

It is no more hunger,
it is no more starvation,
it is no more joblessness,
it is now in broad daylight.
In broad daylight

over 80 people were blasted by the bombs
and their bodies charred by the flames ignited
as the sound reverberated for a thousand miles
at Nyanya Abuja motor park right there in broad daylight..

In broad daylight,

over 200 female secondary school students were abducted,

kidnapped right from their classrooms,

taken to an enclave right in the desert,

through the Sambisa forest by strange men,

well armed,

right there in broad daylight…
In broad daylight,

they are still coming…
coming forth,

maiming, killing, destroying, bombing, blasting,
burning everything in their sight,
everything in their might and power, right there in broad daylight..

In broad daylight

I only see darkness, rape, genocide, massacre, plunder..
Yes, I only see death.
Death in broad daylight..

Yet I wonder why in this same broad daylight,

our politicians, leaders still grace rallies, birthday parties, functions..
They are out there busy campaigning, canvassing for votes,
While we rot here,

not only in hunger or darkness,
but waiting in fear,

for we do not know how when and where the next… ”boom”,

… will be heard.. only time will tell..

Only time will tell for now,

we the people are tired..
We of their lies,

tired of their tales,

and after all the persecutions,

we have remained strong and we say,

we do not want their light,

roads, money anymore..
Let us starve,

but let us live safely in our own country

and we shall work hard to be great tomorrow…

Yes….. We Nigerians only want to be safe…
We want to be safe not only in darkness,
but also in Broad daylight…



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