#WarOfWords3: “Hash tag 2015” by Madueke Chukwuemeka Charles


To whom it may concern
In your dream before raising your right hand to say
“I swear to”
Know that though, this might be your dream
Don’t make it a hundred and fifty million nightmares-
With sleepless pair of eyes lifted high with hope
Staring at the faded green stripes and blood splattered white
Of our nation’s pride-
This same nation thy lip solemnly swears to defend and protect
And not let her wipe her brow with this thumb
This same thumb that sacrificed a manicure for your luxury
…….. the irony of our reality

Though this might be your dream
Before making it a hundred and fifty million realities
Listen Up!

We want to hate Monday for Monday’s sake
And not for 72 white body bags
Don’t promise us fresh air
And turn around to shot cannons of tear gas-
Cause with these teary eyes and this same thumb
Will a hundred and fifty million ‘tweet-armies’ shoot back little cannons of hash tags
Letting you know what Nigerians want

We want GDPs that not only make headlines
But clears the ‘suffer lines’ on our foreheads
Don’t promise us steady power that only runs through the wicks of our candle sticks
Cause we would light a hundred and fifty million sky lanterns
To let the sky know what Nigerians wish
…….. We wish to grow old in this land
Let 234 remain our dialing code
And not +234 sleepless pair of eyes in Sambisa

We want fields as green as the green stripes
And peace calm as the white stripe
On our nation’s pride

by Madueke Chukwuemeka Charles

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