#WarOfWords3: What do Nigerians want? by MR PRESTINE


At the beginning rhymes of my rhymes scheme the exclamation mark dey sound like siren
na him make,I wake up this morning having little less nothing to do I creep walk my way up the presidential lodge go try steal 7 points agenda
Because the situation here dey critical, the matter arising get weight, occupy space, now he don leave me bald like headless buffalo
I dey think of how to think because the situation here dey critical,e dey bleach my skin like cream, now, I dey naked like Adam way go hide like one hairless goat
I for talk say this na jamb question which I must answer if I wan hammer scoring 259 and above, no be joke
This no be who wants to be a millionaire but yet the sit hot,e no get life line but yet na emergency
I do go astray like the prodigal son they squander all my taught inside my modular oblongata
I don search google,Wikipedia,I don send yahoo messenger don turn astronomer, archaeologist, even hunter way dey hunt for bush meat,but I hear say all the bush meat don park their load travel,now,we dey search for bush answers
Wait oh!
E be like say my people need rebirth of poetry way don get root me,well garnished with poetic spices, sweet essence, one love, peace and poetic harmony
E be like say them need road way get tiles
My people need make the government slim like chewing stick why the people are fat at least that go make up for sustainable agriculture
My people need make the government dull why the people are sharp at least that go make up for good education
My people need a place called home
A place dey fit use for their works of poetry and art
A place they fit metamorphose like naija na heaven on earth
My people wan preach naija like the gospel, them wan hand am over from generation to generation
Them wan tell the good story about mother Nigeria
See! We be the giant of Africa, but as this lines they punch rhymes and kick lines like kunfu…..UNA GO JUST TRY WATCH OUT FOR PART 2.



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