The preview of Atilola (the Spoken Word Artist)

What my Bio is supposed to look like

I am a young girl born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. I believe I can use my words to serve as a change agent in the world… and some other words you see in regular bios.

What my Bio really is

I am a young girl born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Some people think I do not like to talk while some think I am friendly. Some people believe I am quiet, while some say I am loud. I think I am a very nice and respectful lady who just loves her space. Enigma is more like it.

I am highly intuitive, highly observant, highly introspective, and highly intelligent. I love to read everything except academic books.

I believe time is a better currency than money, and have learnt to use that principle to work for me. What can I say? Maybe I am just a deluded little child who likes to believe she is rich because she has lots of time on her hands, and not too much money.

I am a manufacturer, writer (ghostwriting, freelance writing, etc), editor, and of course, a Spoken Word Artist. I have two published books, a thriving hair cosmetics business that can be found here.

By now, you can tell that I do not follow convention, and cannot be fitted into a frame. Pardon me. I tried to be normal, but failed miserably at it. I lied. I never tried to be normal. I only said that because that’s what normal people say. So maybe I tried after all.

I believe people can use their gift to either curse or bless. I have therefore decided that no matter where I am called to perform, my gift of spoken word will be used to bless others, by being true to the art, true to the words I speak, and true to the message I pass across.

This bio is unofficial. Do not use it for any reason.

Welcome to my world as a Spoken Word Artist. Sorry, we had to meet this way. I am well-behaved in real life.


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