Neofloetry- What Is Left Of What Is Right #WarOfWords4

Neofloetry- What Is Left Of What Is Right

Where is Nigeria’s true reflection?
I ask a million naira question
What is left in the jar of what is right
Why is the right now considered left?
Now, this is  no NEWS, so I laugh in present tense
The future before us is sugar-coated in wailing pretence
Begging to be free from this societal wackiness
Everyone has a part to play in this blindness

Our states are littered with guber-criminals
The show of absurdity follows in their scaffolds
You were catapulted into the highest office to rid off corrupt-cancer
But, you traumatized us with your reckless plunder
Your offices are exalted
Misfits, miscreants elected
Causing havoc with stark dishonesty
Your die-hard pessimism is an OX-ye-MORON apparently

Then, i breathe above the head of a tired democracy
When potbellies and agbadas prefer kleptocracy
You flag off Partocracy; where the part is larger than the whole
Your finger points the vault into a deep pocket hole
Your consciences need scrutinizing
You are constantly a bowler, your hands need sanitizing

Our educational system shook hands with the leprous
Our teachers glorified illiterates, very erroneous
How then can our children survive this strait-jacket?
They are no violent patients to be stuffed into a confined casket
The VCs clink their glasses behind closed doors
They have joined in the act of (P)eople (D)eceiving (P)eople it harbors

What is left of what is right

At forty one years old
The NYSC is still not bold
That mind-boggling scheme wears a mask
Rending hearts for the sake of servitude task
Our graduates, now glorified slaves, figures of disguised unemployment
Our freshly graduated aunties and uncles make the list longer
They steal with their exempted age, enjoying every bit the drama
The government may no longer pay allowance for THIS(dis)agreement

ASUU Strike, DOCTORS strike, NASU strike
The entire sector want their fair share of the hike
This is the way of life for selfish conflict
Give us this, sign on that agreement
Can NEPA-PHCN join in this strike action?
Don’t they always go on per second ration?
No one cares again if they hold power till rapture takes place
Once again, I laugh I past-present-continuous tense

Nigerians, stop this theatre of the absurd
For the good of generations yet unvorn
Where is the limit of our good luck nation?
Should we pretend while the center caves in?
The villa rocks are murmuring
Our sins constantly screaming
The flames of normalcy, depleting
We need to bite the lips that’s lying
Let our candle of hope burn in our minds
Let our pens and voices prove mightier than bombs
For us to do what is right

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