Lil V – see with your mind.

Lil V (Little Victor) the 7 year old Spoken Word Poet performing on stage at Word Up Volume 8 which held on August 16, 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. Word Up is Nigeria’s foremost Spoken Word Poetry Event which holds quarterly in Lagos, Nigeria. Download the video at

The Wordings of his first poem

Don’t think that am scared of your faces
or that’s obvious
That am nervous cos am not-see This! Body frame isn’t me,
Me is inside me-so
You looking at me can’t see me But listen with your eyes and
See with your mind the real me

You can with ease,
Ease your mind and find
A space to accept that
Maturity is in the mind -see
You can be a king to
Subjects of complacency- but
Please please and please,
Let not your actions and
In actions prevent me-this
Will of change cos
When christ said
…be like little children,
It wasn’t about the size

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