What is left of what is right?
This is a question we should answer alright
Without a quarrel or a fight
If we can tell our left from right
Just that, sometimes what is left seems right
Until it scrutinized under the light
We shut the blinds so we have no sight
To see What is left of what is right?

Leader’s that don’t care
God, they don’t fear
They forget, we voted them there
They just want to, get their own share
Of the national budget, strip us bare
Without regret
Their minds bent
On squandering down the corridors of power
Leaving Squalor to rot our ivory towers
They promised megawatts of power
When last did your light last for an hour
They drive around in armoured cars
While the shameful and sad
state of our roads remain bad
What is left of what is right?
We hapless masses left right
In the middle of this pitiable plight

They say many roads lead to the market
Mark it, you’re right
But there’s only one way left to the office
Some orifice, drilled by some official offerings
Offered to the oga, the oga at the top
And from oga at the top
Down to the omo ise* coming up, at the bottom
It’s the same word that describes the system

Corrupt uniformed men
That need reformed minds
Instead they march left right
To Bus stops where they stop us
To extort us
Are these men not meant to protect us?

They say lighten doesn’t strike twice
In the same place, but in a time space
Of two years, lecturers have gone on strike thrice
Doctors? We’ve lost count
Hospitals are not hospitable
Equipment we’ve been using since 1962
The only New stuff are caskets
We vote for the government and pay our taxes
Is good health care too much to ask?
Is the government not up to the task?

This thing dey blow my mind
E dey burst my brain
It causes migraine
Coz I see it happen every now and again
A death with so much pain
Tire, petrol, plank, and chain
Scores of people being killed
By this jungle justice league
And most times their murderers no even send
Say these criminals may be innocent

What happened to the peace we had?
Now we’re left right in the middle
Of Some mindless jihad
Bombings here, and bombings there
Buildings and bodies going up in a flare
Everywhere, schools, mosques, churches
Futures and ambitions burnt to ashes
We’re still waiting for them to bring back our girls

And we’re still wondering
What is left of what is right?
We? That are
Left right in the middle
To meddle in the mud
Yes, we
Because we agree
That things are messed up
We’re fed up
Yet every day we wake up
Get up
Get down to work to keep our heads up
Things are looking down
Yet we lifts our hopes up
We keep striving on
Against the odds
Because we know
There’s something left of what is right
Inside of us!

OMO ISE= apprentice

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