How Many (a Spoken Word piece) by Brainbox

Debut Spoken Word from Brainbox, a piece from my IMPACT SPEAKS project and a candid appeal for underachieving children/youths around the world. “Education is a refuge in adversity”

Background Music credit: Jorge Mendez (COLD)

It’s utterly disgusting to have unabated millions of children around the world particularly in developing economies languish in streets devoid of hope and ambition. Worthy of note is the fact that such children have little or no access to education which brings us to the question: “How Many”.

Education is a tool for empowerment and as sampled in this video, a caliber of great individuals and world legends are testimonies to the claim buttressing the argument that through education every child can realize his/her potentials.

‘How Many’ also seeks to provide valid points to how education is the antidote to crime, how it can salvage the lives of underachieving local children/youths who are deemed disposable, those that are vulnerable instruments for perpetrating nefarious activities in the society.

In good conscience and with a deep sense of responsibility to awake our collective consciousness to the dire consequences of neglect, this is my own appeal for destitute children around the world. Please spread the message.

Artist: @justbrainbox

Director: @iudonsen Udosen

Music: Jorge Mendez




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