#WOWAfrica Words Gives You Wings by Princena a.k.a Wordwhiz

Words! Wings!! Heights!!!
I’ve got words, same as thou: but
Never a quantum leap in flights
Flabby blabby thoughts ruin thy plot
Life of pains, destinies in plights
Shattered by actions of prodigies
And who can say it all nor act it all?
Only time, sunrise, light, it seems
Chippy and choppy i was reckoned
But great hearts of men i abideth always
Treasured as the dew of moo island-
Yet few are they that desire me for vines
I am word. I am that tiny masterpiece
In your hearts i profess change you seek
First at birth but now least in every place-
                Awake me in you!
              Heights thou wouldst go.
Great art thou but has become little
Descended million feet by thy silence
Lemme out! Lemme regain my birth place
            -so much done. Less spoken-
I am WORD. I take to heights not widths.
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