#WOWAfrica – Words Gives Wings– by OsoDaKingsbard

Though I don’t fly high up in the sky,
But of course I’ve got things that makes me feel fly.
see these words gives wings to my mind;
they make me sour high-up in the sky,
still these words makes me dig deep down within; searching for the me in me.

With words I hid the truth from a fool,
with the exact same words I strike the heart of the wise.
See words makes me mild
sometimes they make me go wild.
Words serves as light onto my path;
with words I throw a fool in the dark
Sometimes words makes me happy;
Yet at-times they make me grumpy.

My words speaks truth;
they never speak lies.
Never will i tell you; you’ll get seven when you throw one dice
My words speaks justice
they are like a blow on culprits Just one blow they get seven dies I mean they die seven time.

Word gives wings
Even words has got wings
With YouTube i can speak the truth to provoke the youths Then the television version of the revolution will start
Only words has got the powers to do that.

My words speaks healing With my words; I heal the wounded in spirit
With my words; I mend the broken hearts
With my words; I speak for freedom
With my words; I fight for justice
With my words; I do so-many things than the normal me can ever do

So before I speak I tend to think I choose my words wisely
‘Cos words can make yet still break So before you speak think!
Lest you speak ill and kill
Yes words gives wings
But still words can break wings.

Wings; courage
Wings; ego
Wings; Dreams
Wings; vision
Wings; emotions
Wings; motivation

So instead of breaking wings with your words Let your words give wings!


by OsoDaKingsbard


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