#WOWAfrica Words give you wings by Lazy Poet


 Imagine the excitement on a baby’s face when it repeatedly says the word Ballon

Picture the happiness you feel in your heart after getting a lovely haircut from the salon

Imagine the overwhelming sensation felt by the very first man to land on the moon 

Now picture a world where all these feelings could never be expressed with words but with tune….

Words give you wings.

Actions they say speaks louder than words..which is true

In this scenario, actions will make you fly into the sky which is blue

But the most important evidence people ignore which is the ultimate clue…Is 

Without wings you can’t fly into the sky which is blue

Without your words you can never be you..

Words gives you wings

Before two gladiators wrestle physically, they fight lyrically

Before a scientist can conclude theoretically, he observes academically

Before a preacher can deliver his message sucessfully,

He needs to elevate his listeners mind spiritually

Before I believe I can fly like R. Kelly

I need my words to give me the wings I need in reality..

Words give me wings…


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