#WOWAfrica Words Give You Wings By Emmy The Poet


Words give you wings, I watched him strike

Words give you wings, I watched him strike his pen across a page, brush his tongue across his teeth and let those revolutionary words fly

Fly radically across the nation, hitting hearts at every juncture, leaving sentimental scars

I watched him strike emotions, smack frozen hearts till they liquefied and felt the pain in racial segregation

I watched him strike those notes, sing that tone of “No to Apartheid” till his music became an anthem and half the country danced to that movement

I watched him speak flight from a reserved community called “mvezo” to the ever glorious Government Avenue in Pretoria

You see, words give you wings, Mandela would testify

Words, words are like feathers flap a happy recitals in a moment of gloom and watch that grief fly

Listen to sad melodies like words uttered by violin strings and glimpse ecstasy flee

Words give me wings, I hear me soar, I see me transcend sea level through my third eye

This utterances are divine, I speak from the heavenly

Snatch a pieceof this plain (plane) poetry and fasten your brain stem, this travel is mental

Mentally eavesdrop to the falling phrases I send forth

Reflect on it, word by word, letter by letter and visualise your sanity evade flesh in search of beauty beyond body

Words are angels, they give wings to your soul

You see, words give you wings

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