#WOWAfrica Words give you wings by El fancé

It was a difficult time for Negros in the United States

Their rights were denied

Privileges deprived

Negros were constantly humiliated, beaten, oppressed and maltreated

But yet

In the midst of this unavoidable brutality

Martin Luther King stood to defend the integrity of the black race

How did he do it?

He did it with words

No one has your exact kind of imagination

But words can make people to see through your eyes

Think through your brain

And influence them to do what you want them to do

Words Give You Wings

It takes words to win a woman

It also takes words to keep her

Only those who understand the power of words can use them to convince and dissolve doubt in the heart of a woman and make themselves become lovable even when they deserve hate

If you learn to use words

You too can make a woman idolize you

Even though you’re not an idol

Because Words Give You Wings

In the court

You don’t always win because you speak the truth

But because you know how to mix truth with error

To decorate a lie with the truth, using the right words

To make the judge see truth in the lies you speak

Words Give You Wings

Words are the leverage you need to qualify for that job

To convince your potential employer that

You are the staff they are missing and the staff they will not want to miss

With words, you can convince them that if they give you that job

They would be glad they gave it to the right person

Because Words Give You Wings

Words are undeniably powerful

They can paint an image of defeat in the heart of your opponent

And make him feel defeated even before the battle begins

I don’t know what battle you’re in now

But in case you feel you’re losing out

Always remember

There’s a weapon called word and you must use it

Because Words Give You Wings

Words are a capital

They can start you a business

Bring customers to you and keep them

Words can take a black man into the white house

And make him the president of a white man

If you don’t believe me

Ask Barrack Obama

I once heard someone said

I don’t like Gordons, he’s ugly

But I always like to listen to his jokes

It’s funny how words can make people who don’t like you to like you

Their eyes never happy to see you

But their ears always eager to hear you

If you can make people depend on your words

You can influence them

So, if you want to influence and make people depend on you

You must learn to use words

Because words have the potential

To put you in that office, win that girl’s heart, give you that job, bring that contract to you

And attract that multi millionaire businessman o do business with you

Because Words Give You Wings.


Written by: El-fancé  (W.A. Nafama)


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