#WOWAfrica Words Give You Wings – Aduku Magaji

A child I once was, who had a story to tell.

But how could I? I said to myself.

I was a gift to the world,

But wrapped in plain sheets;

Considering me just a boy;

With paranoia and a keeping to myself.


I grew up on the outside.

Remaining a child on the inside.


But I discovered, words –

On sand or paper,

On steel or within the inches of a screen

– Gave me wings.


That timid fellow of youth

Bud out of  it’s cocoon.

Holding unto a pen and paper

As unto the blood that sustains

And spewed forth the heart’s content

Raw and undeterred by nothing,



I wrote of pain and anger,

Of good and sweet feelings,

Of feelings yet to be named,

Of nothing that makes sense to another,

Of something a friend felt but had no words for.

And of wishes and dreams,

Which may be or never be.

I’m just glad I wished and dreamt


I’m so in love with you!

You are the solace I need,

The wings with which aloneness

Feels beautiful,

Take me words and let’s fly to tomorrow

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