#WOWAfrica Words Give Me Wings By Susan Ekenobi

They called us blacks

They said that we are a black people

And we began to see ourselves as such

You see, with them there are some topics that are just too delicate to touch

So we evade them, and we stay silent

They say that we are a dependent people

People who do not have a mind of their own

Over the years

Their opinions and suggestions about us has slipped slowly through our minds like a disease

And settled in our subconscious

This is a war people

And it is not a war that can be fought with guns, machetes and bombs

But this is a war that would have to be fought with words

Because words give you wings

Wings that would make you soar high

Into the sky of your imagination

Free you from this cloaked oppression

Because to them, you are just a number

And your name they would probably never remember

You are just one In the 7.4 billion people in the world

They do not care about you

But they have opinions and suggestions about you

We have been silent for too long

Quietly sulking and saying that we have been wronged

Caged into this cyst of negativity

That they have surrounded us with

We find that we begin to look down on ourselves

And look up to them

Waiting with baited breath

Like a malnourished child

Wanting to suckle on its mother’s nod of approval and attention

When will this madness end

Because we are in dire need of a solution

And I have found that solution

It is in our words

You see, words give you wings

Wings that make you fly high

Into the land of your dreams

Where you create your own reality

A reality that is so different from what they said was real

When I spit those words from my mouth

Or with my fingers

When I put that pen to paper

The ink flowing like a liberation fluid

The alphabets

My very own soldiers forming a regiment

To protect me

From these outside forces

That threaten to end me

They called us blacks

They said that we were a black people

And we began to see ourselves as such

With their words

They created an identity for us

Yes we are blacks

But we are much more than the colour of our skin

So enough of this silence

Do not keep quiet

Because words give you wings

So speak up, speak out and fly

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