I believe I can fly….Scratch that

I can fly

These are not mere confessions

Not musings on a mountain high

And we are not rolling in the deep here

This is a love story, a favourite song

I found words to be the threads in the tapestry of the universe

The carriage of conquests

The unseen fire in unusual men

The weapon of warriors

For the love of words is the beginning of expression

I found this a voyage I was willing to embark on

I am not Gulliver, but I love to travel

Words came to me and told me

I am a beautiful mix of Fire and Ice

And all the elements in between

But I must warn you

Be ready for praise and opposition

Two peas in the pod of undiluted expression

For you will sometimes be severely misunderstood

You will court friends and foes

But you will fly so high you kiss your yesterdays goodbye

And men will say

It’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s Wemi Moore!



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