#WOWAfrica Dorian GREY by Efe OGUFERE

Words like palindrome emit time
They shudder, stutter and then rhyme
I often wonder if cats and dogs would swap paws
Maybe i am just searching for the Creator’s flaws
May our days be never odd or even
But counted in aging stars

Words are like red bull
They trickle down your spine
In little bursts so divine, they taste like fine wine
To box you in and drown out your fatigue
Walk through a wire in Ye’s heartbeat
Rising from the ash a phoenix

Words are like little seeds
They start off shy and quite naive
The rising sun and  droplets of rain on their parade
I watched the sepals stretch and petals yawn
A flower blooms and softly blossoms.
Beauty in the dark, the Black Swan.

Words are like blue skies
They lay almost empty and lazily spread
Offering a bed of clouds to lay your weary head
They pull you in with no more than a blank stare
Gift you an ear to all you phobias and fears
As you fall off a flight of million stairs.

Words are like dope weed
They flutter around on your eyelid
As they mask the pain and hide out the terrain
Epiphany awakes to the smell of  burning leaves
They hold close all the earth’s mysteries
A spot in the sky my heart’s only desire.

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