WORDS LIKE KITE by Blessing Ojo #WOWAfrica

For many times not divided by limes,
my anxieties have romanced me
like a pet does to its owner.
It was so scary that whenever
I hear the phrase ‘on your mark,’
I’ll get set, yet I get wet out of fret,
and third I won’t even get.

For countless times,
my eyes were made to see letters-
letters my mouth can neither mime or rhyme.

Sometimes I sit wondering
if I could get something
light to bite and munch for breakfast
whereas others are busy showing
no mercy to their solid lunch.

I searched for easy letters
to dine and wine…
I never quit searching for my sense of limit
wasn’t to get stuck in the sky
but to do that which others can not do,
and to become what they never dream
to become; a unique being that can
fly words like kite, drag and pin injustice
and his brotherhood to ground for query.

Though these ones flies, but with
wooden wings that could easily be eaten
off by moth and left to rot…

Metal wings was what I wanted.
And I got them. Scribbled letters gave
them to me. Scribbled words gave me
wings and made me soar to the peak.
You too can!
Just search for the letters,
scribble them with your quill
and you’ll be ignited to  soar.

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