WORDS GIVE ME WINGS by Vbede Eruteya #WOWAfrica

Words give me wings to fly
above the plight of the common man
Above the tide of the sea
to see beyond the oceans peace
for my people in despair
fighting for air of freshness
and life of ease.

Words give me wings to fly
into the dreams of the kid
on the street begging for peanuts
and freebies
Oh see them weep under the trees
homeless but not hopeless
with ambitions of kings,
waiting on God for their mini star to shine
above the star of the minister’s child.

Words give me wings to fly
beyond the pains of the little girl
with legs battered…
Heart shattered…
clothes tattered…
by animals called Uncles brothers, robbers, fathers
To the bright future of the unborn child
with life at risk, crying please let me live
endowed with potentials the world is yet to see.

Words give me wings to fly
and fight against the winds
of opposition oppression
against my people
by people in position
making decisions
for their selfish ambitions
in the name of legislation,
execution, jurisdiction…
People living in some so called rocks
and G-houses,
endlessly lavishing the riches
of the masses
who are left to die in anguish

Words give me wings to fly
Above the lies of the political flies
Who blindfold the future leaders
Disappear with their loots
give them guns and woods
Instead of schools and books
To fight within their neighborhood
With no sense of brotherhood

Words give me wings to fly
And feel the joy of motherhood
For the young girl in the street
Hawking boobs for all kinds of manhoods

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