WORD-GIVEN WINGS  By McNaevets Chibuzor #WOWAfrica

Knuckle down

Hands firm

Legs apart

Looking within shores of muse

Never underestimating the power of potentials

There’s always something within to use

Safe inn shielded, creating no artificial

Bounded walls of blood

Binding brands band with different styles


He has a story to tell

Of his past when words bounded with shackles of silence

Left him in the abyss of dungeon

In silent waves of whispering wings

Coupled with memory lane of yester years

When papa left the shores of present

And mama took off to terrific shadows of futurity.

He wept


Life seemed to slope in dim

For him, it was like an endless journey of painful memoir

Rupturing in his mind to give up hope

And end his life with a rope

Even his body’s bank couldn’t bear the pain

As its bankers bite whatever comes their way

That it really hurts in his brain.

But if life speaks of hope

Wouldn’t there be a rope to climb?


He was left alone to cater for his needs

Sometimes he reads writings on people faces

Saying: he is here to harm

He has nothing to offer

Even a lover, he had not.

But he stood firm in his guts

Remembering always his parent words:

Have Only Positive Expectations (HOPE)


He held on to the words of hope

Looking within his shores of muse

Never underestimating the power of potentials

And as each and every day gone passed by

He salvage every part of his sinking thought

Drowning him in memory lane of shattered dreams

He was no longer like an old TV

That would go shhhhh…

At the tune of a channel

He became a touch pad of success

Coz sunsets directly on him


He is now the talk of today

For he held on to words

Not of chickens but of birds


And frankly,

There are many alike

Scintillating and using potentials

To create exceptional coat essential to quote unique identity

In 33 ways of veracity of words

Giving wings to fly


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