Wings of Freedom by Jay Swag #WOWAfrica

Oh Yes!
Yes! I saw it
The smiles on my face
When I was told of a happy fate
A happy fate
Of being pushed away
To an Uncle’s place
My halted leg in a race
With my heart’s increasing pace
I was filled with joy
Joy of my sweeten soul
Free away from home
To a rich uncle I suppose

I am a prince
A prince in my mother’s world
A prince in my father’s world
A prince in my own world
Treated as an egg
Never looked for a help
Or go round for a beg
Yes! Indeed I am a prince
Growing fat and lazy
Like the agric kukuruuku

But now,
Tattered I lay
With the waterbed of tears in my face
Feeling all lame
In shame
Beaten to the fullest disgrace

Tell me how!?
How can I use my hands to dig a well?
How can I use my legs to mold a pearl?
How can I hawk compulsory through the night?
When the smell of weed
Perfumes through the bushes

Can you see how my body glows?
Glows from the lashes
And marks
From the night
Of my interrupted dreams and sleeps

Then as I lay deep in the night with the thought of the next day freight
I cried!
I cried!
Cried and shouted!
With my voice louder
Than the vibration of the elephant
Till the earth
Could sleep no more
In his night

Drawing audience from away
To share my early dirge
And truly!
Yes truly!
With the wings of freedom
Wings of armored words
Not of swords
But of words
Afflictions shall not rise a second time
My wings of words granted me freedom..

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