Wings by Solar speaks #WOWAfrica

Once upon a boy
Light skinned like golden fire
the black sheep of the family’s flock of five.
The villain
locked out all night to learn life in hardship
The boy called the black sheep
Once upon a boy
Light skinned; light like me
the first son of his dad and mum
the one locked out all night to gist
with the midnight sun.
To sing with the moon,
And to learn the names of the stars one by one
 -they formed the midnight crew
He grew with a prophesy
That he would someday end with a gun
That he would someday be gone never to return
Once upon a boy
Light skinned with bright heart like lantern
-the pattern of a child called stubborn
but I wonder
 how’s a child responsible for the way he’s born?
He was born
to rule
But at a corner of his corner of his room
Where he learned to pour his pains on the pages of paper
to converse with his Maker
and advice the
 noise making door that there are times to be quiet and times to make noise
that there are times to be speechless
but never a time to lose your voice
because this war before us
is a war of words
and we are made more than conquerors
by the voice of God
This boy-the bad head
Between speaking for himself
And living in his fears
For the rest of his years
But poetry
spoke for him
Peeled words from his and wrote for him
for him all these years were blessings
Blessings from lessons about
Tasting your words before spitting them out
About carving your words like a piece of wood
Before pointing them it
into where they should.
Lessons about speaking in silence
About waging the gentle kind of violence
You do not need swords to fight a war
if your words are sharp enough
-no need for the guns
you can be mild and still be hot of course
stories from the sun
so once upon a boy
stage upon stages
to speak his war
Platforms to plant his print on
this part of our world
trees to rest upon
branches upon branches to perch upon
wings to soar high above the sky
and strength to soar these kinds of height
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