Why I Hate Social Media | Spoken Word

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“Why I Hate Social Media” was originally meant to be just a video talking to the camera but I wanted to challenge myself and try something new, so I started to write from a spoken word perspective, and this was the final result. It sums up a lot of my thoughts regarding social media, ranging from how we portray ourselves in a particular light to its detrimental effect on our emotional health to its emphasis on popularity and most importantly, how valuable it is for my own personal endeavors.

Approaching this from a spoken word perspective allowed me to be more creative with my language and give a more rhythmic fluidity that felt more creative and artistic as opposed to just ranting. Having never done spoken word before, I’m not actually sure if I did it correctly or not haha. So if anyone disagrees with the spoken word nature of this video, I apologize because I had no real idea what I was doing.

At the end of the day, it’s going to be really fucking hard for me to walk away from social media and its importance in my life, for both personal and professional reasons, and I know that it would be foolish to think any differently. But the goal of this spoken word video was to just be a reminder that the world is immense and vast, and to stay confined with our head down, ignoring it, is foolish and really shortchanging our experience as humans.

So once you get done watching this video and reading this, go explore. Go sit down and talk to a friend. Go hug a stranger. Just enjoy everything that the three dimensional world has to offer

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