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What Makes You An African? Development By Africans is the opener to my ‘The Ideal Citizen’ series of videos and literature – a project which primarily discuss development as a responsibility of the citizen. You can download the lyrics of this poem here http://goo.gl/2BhlpX

This poem was inspired by my disgust at the appalling trend of systematic social deprivation across Africa. In most cases, the poor are poor not because the nation’s endowments are minimal, but because of the widespread institutionalized corruption in African states. In addressing the external impediments to Africa’s development, I consider both history (the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade) and present (trade imbalance and unfair competition – all going against Africa’s interest). Among others, I also consider culture-clash and the citizens’ neglect of their civic obligations. As the theme ‘The Ideal Citizen’ implies, I strongly believe that development is to a large extent the responsibility of the ordinary citizens. A change of the collective attitudes of Africans will transform our continent in the twinkle of an eye.
In this poem, I pay homage to Africa and African heroes like Thomas Sankara. I particularly pay homage to my country – Sierra Leone, and a few of our national heroes namely, Bai Bureh, Cliford Fyle and John Akar. I salute every Sierra Leonean, especially those who witnessed the 10 year long gruesome civil war. THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

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Written by @jaspersembie
Performed by @theachild
Video Produced By: @Olivier_Assoua http://imdb.to/15TcHi3
Music Produced By: Dr Mo

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