What is left of what is right? by Yemmy Peterson Ojo #WarOfWords4

What is left of what is right? by Yemmy Peterson Ojo

Truly, our land lies the Headquarters
of injustices ,and cesspit of Liars
Since some men have soar higher than our esteem
towering laws
They are the preying hawks;
feasting on curse meals
Cloy lies on saccharine lips ,
of some shams,sweeter
than the best of an ambrosia dishes.

What is done aright in a land
with a whole standing upend
what is left in this absolute crook
without end?

What is left than seekers who saturate
the jobs?
Than stray legs, and upsurge
in gloomy faces
who are hope bereft?

What is left are beast in beast skin
prowling town ,in
Multi-inflated jeeps
leaving whereupon trails of fresh blood
and wail of a song – the usual mark

When some bloody greenbacks
have suddenly sealed the lips
of truth of our once upon tipped
Then what is left in this limbless
limbo of a movement?

And yet the beautiful ones are not
yet to be born,
they hold tight to the damp tissue
of mothers’ uterus
cowered at the scary ,serrated scalpels
red in the coarse hand of these demonic Lords

The salt of the earth have been embittered
back to the deepest part of the sea.

And herein lies a land with
an army of locust blighting her harvest hard
with bales of embroidered tatters
she shamelessly
display there scars

What is left ? what is left of what is right?
But wait,
What do you reap when you hybridize honesty with
seed of corruption?
What can you do when some sacred cows, have tasted
the juice of forbidden fruit?
What is left of what is “right”?a
When there is practically no right in what is left?
What is wrong in what is right?
When the wrong doers are in custody of our rights?

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