WHAT IS LEFT OF WHAT IS RIGHT? by Moses Ogbonna #WarOfWords4

WHAT IS LEFT OF WHAT IS RIGHT? by Moses Matthew Ogbonna aka F.C

There is so much Confusion,
I really do sense an Illusion
When the truth is Hidden,
Like Adam and Eve who were decieve in the Garden of Eden.
We loose nothing when we are on the Right path,
But we are battered and shattered when we despise the light
What is left of what is right?
Nothing but a glorious and joyful ride
So much to do when justice is denied,
Corruption, Ignorance and Apparthy come nigh
But when every purpose is determined and Established,
Then you see a peaceful Bliss
We have so much to do in our community,
By caring and loving, that builds up unity
But when Greed, Evil vices and Hatred stirs up a Fight,
Then much is left of what is Right
Let’s come out real and not as Shadows,
Let’s fight with truth and not with Arrows
Maintaining the right is what is left,
Keeping it fame is our request
So you said “What is left of what is right”?
And I answered “Nothing but justice can keep the Light”
In cowardice, You join the wagon of lies,
But with brave heart I say Justice can make it Bright.

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