#Warofwords6 I bleed Green by D.Rare-breed

One, two, three, For how long now has Andrew checked out? I’m just checking!

He left this land with the white and green flag
For the land where they seem to have greener grass.

He was gone! definitely not to return in November.

Well, at least not until, he secures the green card and plenty of the green back that he could bring back, but until then, he says hello from the other side.

Fast forward to 2017 and it seems to me that the more things change, the more they just stay the same.

The rape of our resources, the abuse of our human rights, the neglect of our collective interests.

Or could this be where they call in between the rock and the hard place? because its heavy and hard just like the rock feels, and I’m trying to make the best out of it, but the burden is heavy, its trying to make a beast out of me.

So, would I be justified or just reacting if I say
they are trying to make a beast of burden out of a human being.

Sometimes I just wish that I could just go numb, such that I don’t feel that pain, even as my heart bleeds, but then the blood that flows, reminds me where my heart is.

It screams “I am Nigerian and I bleed green”,
and just when the thoughts in my mind whisper to me to chicken out, the Super eagle me rises against the tide, it soars so high, because I am flygerian and I bleed green.

My pipu e no matter as e be, e no matter wetin dey happen, make we join we hands together make we build we country.
With honesty,love, peace, vision we go reach the peak.(My people, it doesn’t matter what our present situation is, let’s unite and build our country. With love, peace, vision, we will get to the peak).

Its in you, its in me, we all bleed green.

Yes! 180 million shades of green.

Green is fresh and prosperous.

It is full of life and vigour.

It never goes out of style, it’s ever green.

I have white and green blood cells.

I’m a proud Nigerian.

God bless Nigeria.

I bleed green.

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