#WarOfWords4 What is left of what is right by Yakub Maaruf


Aye hath gone forever
And the nays still have it
In a house where 9 is greater than 16
And a forum where 16 is greater than 19
Little do they know, that the brilliant crutches won’t keep the
Man standing forever.
Should we let the Ocean cause destruction for the flowing water started from a drop?
The man had no shoes, now the 6th richest in Africa.
What is gone of what is done,sacrifice!
What is done is their joy,what is gone is not their fault
What is left of what is right is not theirs to think

Let the leaves lye still and the plant is dead
For what life is left
If it planned to leave alive.
The faceless and softness of a shadow doesn’t move it easily,
Only what is light can.

Giant soft- bodied toothless elephants carrying fanciful glass shields as protectors,
Until the glass shields are broken, what is left cannot be right,
Instead we watch and fantasize
When we could hold our cactus by the thorns and fight.

Straight trees are cut first,
Leaving the rough useless ones untouched
So is our nation’s political realm.
My eyes will see the day when the shrubs will grow to take over,
They shall grow tough and tall to withstand all cuts of oppression,
They shall grab the cactus by their thorns and fight for justice.

What is left of what is right, we lament daily,
Forgetting we can be right in what is left,

For the tender true shrubs of change,
I hope the bad seasons don’t get their days,
I hope the acid rains don’t rupture the core of their cells,
I hope the scavengers don’t savour on their fresh growing leaves,
I hope tender mother nature treats them well.

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