#WarOfWords4 What Is Left Of What Is Right by Williams Seun “PoetiquePolymath”

WHAT IS LEFT OF WHAT IS RIGHT? by Williams Seun “PoetiquePolymath”

What— if anything— is left– at all– of what is– or used to be– right.
We’re now benighted, and what’s left of what used to be bright?
Tell me, please, Right Honourable Sir; I’m trusting you might.

Morals have now faded, and ethics exist only in erstwhile narratives
And what is right or virtuous is just personal – yes, subjective and relative
As what is just just for me is not necessarily so for my relatives.

So, Mr. Wright, what, in fact, then is right?
And what is left of the what that’s right?
That we may cling to that left-over without fright.

Time was when the succulent bosom is concealed, only bared for lactation and caresses
Now there’s nothing to imagine; it’s all obvious through her naked dresses
We see icebergs’ tips and their entireties too. What then is left after countless presses?

Now, the line between wrong and right
And the grey area between good and bad, dark and light
Have been erased nearly completely – what a plight!

Worse still, gods-of-men men-of-gods have turned complaisant
And religionists have contemporarily become complacent
As, to secular norms, their doctrines have grown complaint

Might is – no, might used to be right
But now all and everything is alright
Insofar as you do it – you’ve got a right!

Presently, terrorist, bestial and homosexual cliques,
Sleaze and amoral vices and ills of that ilk
Permeate our societies and body politic.

But, like a left-behind child, we are – or should be – what’s left
Of what’s right – and rightly so! We Wordsmiths so poetically deft
Yes, we CRITIC-POETS – proudly leftist, yet never noetically bereft!

We must now, with our blessed quills and voices, try
To right social wrongs; we must decry every social ills we descry
For we – critic-poets – are what’s left of what’s right!

Tell me now, what is not right of what is left?

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