#WarOfWords4 What Is Left Of What Is Right by High On Words

What Is Left Of What Is Right by High On Words

Lion no dey chop grass
It’s impossible to have two left legs
Impossible to strive as a nation when our leaders are masters of extortion and agents of corruption
Impossible to have peace when men who serve as symbols of peace make their meal from selling weapons
Impossible to promote civilization when the value of education has been reduced to mere University graduation

What is left of what is right
The stories we once heard on foreign news
is happening right before our eyes
Bombs and guns kept spreading lies
The sad thing is,a lot of people are listening and believing
So, instead of stand as a voice
We are making noise
Yet nobody wants to listen to noise
Because that damages our ears’ voice
But that’s what’s happening because we are not unifying

Lion no dey chop grass
My pikin which position you come for class
Abeg no matter wetin happen, make you no carry last
Stand firm on your toes, don’t be afraid of your foes
There are not the ones that will trigger your woes
Leave that to those you keep close
Sleep with one eye open, two of them must never be closed
I didn’t say don’t trust, I only said “don’t be overdosed”

What is left of what is right
The small moni wey we keep to chop food
Na him we carry go hospital
If you no get mouth, wetin you go take chop food
A lifeless lion can never boast where a living dog is
That’s why we rarely talk about job creation and unemployment
The whole focus now is on peace
Mama put the food for my hand
Forget about the plate
I’ll be eating and running, eating and walking
There’s no time for table talks and debates

What is left
Twitter and facebook, whatsapp and badoo
Those seems to be our new camps of refuge
The girl forms for the fine boy in her area
But the small boy wey toast am for 2go, she no fit refuse

They use to say
Time will come when
You will need certificate to drive common okada
Until we hear say yahoo boys no go school but them dey chop people father
Driving hummer from the moni wey dem gada from maga
All we say now is, school is hardly the way forward
You can go to school, get your certificate
But don’t forget to drop in your closet
Make use of your hand and your mind
They are your greatest assets
‘Cause government job is hard to find
So people lobby to have it
That’s what happens when precious education
That was made to reform and refine the mind is reduced to a tool for job seeking
But you don’t make money from that common paper
That’s the function of your spirit and your reasoning
What do you sell, what value are you exchanging?
That’s the question

What is left of what is right
It is impossible to have two left legs
You will never go anywhere
Two wrongs never make a right
If you are slapped on your left cheek
Turn the right
Wise words from the master of light
His name is JESUS CHRIST

What is left of what is right
The poet who is in love with justice
Burning the incense of love from a pure heart
Birthing lives from the union between his life and his art
Putting joy on the face of hopeful patriots
Making a strong point, that not every bunch of the branch is useless
That GOD has preserved for HIMSELF, 7000 of HIS prophets
Yes, poets are prophets
And if everything goes wrong,
Poets are the only ones left to turn things right.

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