#WarOfWords4: What is Left of What is Right? by BanKoL

What is Left of What is Right? by Bankole Kolawole aka BanKoL

These villains in the land of Prejudice
Sitted in terraces, funding dareDevils…
Painting innocent faces with faeces from Boko bum…Issh!!!

Insult, added with salt upon injury
And we lavish in abject penury
Still, we are GIANTS of Africa, in ironic luxury

Heroes are compelled to romance prison floors for no reason in particular
Villains and their pals flex, wine and dine in ivory towers
Embowered by Prospect-Destruction-PoliTHIEFcians and LegisLOOTERS

…What then is Left of What is right?

Rapper Ayo, sorry Papa Ayo.. Ah! “Ese”
Buys a 10 million dollar private jet
Hires it to F.G for “HARMuNation” without fidget

…What then is Left of What is left?

Bouncing babies birthed amidst bruises,
Bright brilliant beloved beauties
Now butchered, like barbecue, burnt silly
By beastly bombing baboons
Book-haters claiming Boko-haram goons.
Only in cartoons can one act with such ‘boom boom ka-boom’ affront.

Venting vengeance on vulnerable victims
Molding men into murdering machines
Yet sentencing; soldiers saving souls – our super-beings,
For reacting against secreted sores served by their superiors

…What is Left of what is right?

Boko harasses our caves with her ruthless plight
And our I.G.P bags a national award, dressed in Brocades and laces, gorgeously bright
Despite gory sights of lives battered in shattered sites

Villain Jemisi gets a pat on the back and shoulder
Discharged and acquitted for re-discovering and re-inventing wings and feathers
For pounds and dollars to fly in billions and trillions, like birds of the feather

…What is left of what is right…?

Arise o compatriots! Nigeria’s call obey
To uphold her honour and glory is vein
Let’s keep discovering and rediscovering, inventing and re-inventing, wings and feathers
For pounds and dollars to fly in billions and trillions, like birds of the feather
‘Cos it pays, for what is left of what is right is Jet bombers,
Impeachment orders, empty promises of shelters for our heroic 1980 football players,
Plus death sentences for our PATHETIC but patriotic Army officers.

But, one day Mr. Revolution’s tree shall bear fruits
Ballot boxes tell truths
Rights right wrongs in full
Three men no longer stand in twos’
Pot-bellied fools with their tools into the abyss!
And then our dear country Nigeria shall be “peaceFULL”

PS: “Ese” in stanza four, line one (1) is a Yoruba language word for “sin” or “iniquity”

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