#WarOfWords3: What do Nigerians want by Jemimah Ugiagbe

What do Nigerians want

Trust me a lot

Am one and I can’t seem to figure

The length, width, the height and the amount in figures

The closest I get are in dreams

My wants, needs and scale of preferences are filled to the brim

Am sick and tired of yelling God please

It’s not just me we are a bunch of peas


Carrying our issues around like a sore tormented by flees


The so-called GOVERNMENT tries to appease


The GOVERNMENT!!!! What and who is the government

From what I gathered, it’s the act of governing

An administrative group of people with authority

No one cares about these

Cos’ Nigerians want a lot of things

Like good food, water and security

Good roads, no potholes, constant electricity

No ASUU strikes , good education

Cure for unemployment and improved transportation

Infrastructural development, poverty alleviation

Gender equality, a panacea for corruption

Most of all, the stopping of incessant killings and kidnappings

This should happen in real life and not when kids are napping

There’s even more

Of the things Nigerians don’t want

But its high time we become optimistic

And being pessimistic, we need to quit it

So we don’t end missing it

We need to recognize our problems are embedded in our foundations

And though they are from our backgrounds

Its doesn’t necessarily mean our backs should remain on the ground

So I end talks on what we don’t want around

Cos’ this time around

We’ll walk together to make our worlds go round

Just like Mary had a little lamb

Nigerians want to be protected like ceramic lamps

Whether its human, mineral or natural whatever the source is

We want our nation to make use of its resources

Be it the police, army, navy, what civil defense is

Our leaders need to act now and increase our defenses

Legal Legit Legible Leaders

Should come forward, and truthfully Lead us

There’s more to say but its journaled in series

Lets start by creating and abiding to new policies

That favor not just a selected few but all Nigerians

Seriously!!! All we are yearning and craving for is balance

We want laws that treat our issues like a window that is being treated by its valance

We want our leaders to quit brainwashing us with their political parlance

Nigerians want a nation they call their own

Especially one that feels like home….

Jemimah Ugiagbe

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