#WarOfWords3 : What do Nigerians want by Glory d Poet

Too many board meetings

conferences, panels, inaugurations of committees

Grabby sitting on high chairs

feigning patriotism whereas greed motives

is it the air condition that makes you forget the tears of the masses.

we don’t forbid going to our houses with our eyes closed

our children going to school without  the fear of abduction

what of the graves you call hospital, ward

where facial expression of staff makes drugs taste like poison

plagued with either short of staff, equipment or medication.

we want to drive on our roads with smiles on our faces

not dungeons of death traps

toll built with tax payers money

yet we pay irrespective of the queue

i need to smoothly iron my dress

he needs something chilled

Nigerians need basic amenities

but if you ask me Nigerians don’t want BARTER IN DISGUISE.   

Glory d Poet


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