#WarOfWords3: What Do Nigerians Want by Adetimilehin “Vic’Adex” Inioluwa


Men to pray and invoke the gods
To descend in furry and with spanking rods
To rid our fears to the depth of Hades
While we stand aloof and do nothing
And leave to rust our samurai blades

What does Nigerians want?
A mound of meal with a morsel of meat
Men of sound zeal in the power seat
Home horned leaders; whose hearth rightly beat

A sound night sleep free of nuclear and atomic fears
A schooling system without terror nightmares

Bullets of hope 
Inflicts pains of misery
The urge to cope
Invokes vision in dysentery

Let the mountains of failure fall 
Let the hunch-back stand up tall
Unified by mother’s clarion call
The weak the feeble, the strong; all

What do Nigerians want?
A future bright as day, call it daylight clear
The truth crystal clear, not hopes to bear
Lions and Captains that won’t dwell in mire
Minds that listens, ears that hear

Bring the pot of wisdom from the sages past
From their grotesque coiffure bring morals to last
A Refined Nubian identity not a western cast
A directional growth, not the futile fast

what does Nigerian want?
A mound of meal with a morsel of meat
A blanket of wool to preserve the heat
An open heart mind that love can heal
With knowledge of light to make fate ours to seal

What do Nigerians need?
My left with your right hand
Wield together in a Sahara band
Breaking out of inaction’s chain
To knock and seek at revolutions gate

We are the knight in dented armour
that this nation need
her prince, her charming saviour
that her heart seeks

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