Nigeria, a continental pride. A black nation. A great nation.
Nigeria, a fast growing economy in wealth and heritage. Prided in self-belief and cultural abundance.
A country worth fighting for.
And though we have got issues inherent, the solution is just as apparent.
We must begin to look within. True, we’ve got leaders who are passive, with no care or any plan on how to relieve the masses.
Then we have got masses who want passes to government only to become more passive and abusive.
But whose report would you believe?
Do we not know the tree by its fruit?
So if we haven’t produced, don’t question why we are drying up because we are the roots.

We want to complain about the leaders and how they are full of greed
But don’t want the responsibility of having to lead because we would mentally not heed to having to bleed
So we share in the joy but never the suffering.
But the suffering is upon us weather we want it or not.
With every passing day of this menace, our economy continues to rot.
This bad name is no game so we must tame their fame.
Fame of those who hide behind the veil of ignorance and blame
Speaking of peace while forgetting to check their intentions in the process.
They do not represent us yet have managed to speak on our behalf.

How can a group of miscreant, illiterate hooligans be greater than a nation of over 120 million people?
When did a hand full of men become a problem for a giant?
We the giants of Africa the likes of which there is no replica
Oh! No more.
No more would we let our sons be locked up in a building somewhere and set ablaze
Or our brothers killed and termed ‘casualties of war’
No more would our mothers cry in pain even as our friends are abducted for ill-gotten gains.

So I thank you for making this giant to wake up and take note.
Fast track, no more obscure vision now your actions we loath.
Through your ignorance we saw.
Through our pain we act to break this hold that you have, till we are free of your wiles.
A new nation, and a peaceful people within.
So now I fully understand better yet I thoroughly comprehend the giant you have woken within.

So arise o compatriot
And let’s agree to just agree. Not based on the doctrine of president, politician, a man, his sister, a doc or mister.
Let’s, agree to be expedient about our earnest involvement and stop using excuses as one of our main ingredient excuse.
Let’s all join for one reason and on one particular part.
You don’t need a curriculum to know your part of the math.
Let’s all do the pledge but especially ‘to defend our unity, and uphold her honour and glory’
So here is the answer before the question, 234 of them if you surf the web.
Anyone who wants to know what Nigerians want need only watch the news.
And if u still don’t get it, I will make it simple in plain English
“We want our Chibok girls back”


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