#WarOfWords3: THIS IS WHAT WE WANT by Adedayo Adedayo Adeyemi

***This is what we want***

The dark cloud refuses to beam a silver lining
And the intimidated sun had been ceased from shining

When we set our hopes high
They simply let it die
Yes! we simply let it die..

We want war and not peace
We want a shattered Nigeria, broken into piece-s
We want theftery and corruption
we love mockery and rejection

We want to see children die in the faces of their fathers
We want to hear again of rapists jacking girls under the noses of their mothers
We want the insecured future of our posterity
And please, dont leave for them any prosperity

we want to hear RHYTHMS of bombs in south and west
We want Boko Bombram to be everyone’s pest
We want the president to host dear parties
While we visit the graves of our dead uncles and aunties

This isn’t an irony.

because, while nature does it well
We simply made it fell
Nature cared for the bees and the trees
And we nailed it by making life unfree

This poem is not an irony..

We simply want more
Make us Sore, more!
we want more
This is not an irony!


Adedayo Adedayo Adeyemi


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