#WarOfWords3: Revolution is Justice by Timilehin Obisakin

I pledge to Nigeria my country.
To be faithful loyal and honest,
Even if our leaders past have brought us to this mess,
Making a mess of our quest for development
By serving us a mesh of tribalism,nepotism spiced with a dose of fanatical feudalistic fervor.
A self-serving, flesh-stinging quest to rule and not be ruled.
The Labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain, we pray.

The basic vision of the Niger area is becoming an illusion, we can’t even see up, But one solution keeps coming up, We have got to bring Justice, Revolutionalise the developing underdeveloped, Be independently dependent on ourselves, Bring the changes from within as the hot breathe we breath out, Like the hungry lion who eats in cold blood, Roar to their unbecoming biasness, Chase them to their forgetable lies.

O God of Creation, direct our noble cause
Lead us not into the streets of apartheid. Bring us to the place where change lies, Tell us our religious,political and cultural differences is like Big basin, Filled with undiluted deceit, It has blind folded us like a blind man, hypnotize our thought to slavery, Arrested our people to thoughful penury, The change is now, Revolution is the sorry to pet our homely country nigeria.

Heaven! Come down and save our soul, Each day we live as though it was borrowed We all sold our right for a pot of porridge. A thousand terror we saw during the warmth of the night, Ceaceless psalms of prayers we chant; and we Never remember to always face our fight. We even refused to revolt against the uniform men,that brings sorrow,tears and blood in broad day-light. Rather; we were taught to take our tears to the feet of christ. Where are those good samaritan who will nail the norms and preach the subject of revolution?

Let’s wait for a while and see our country lame Let’s wait to see the scene where good man burns Let’s wait to see the scene where bad man runs. The coming messiah our clergy proclaimed he’s not yet born. Who will come to preach the coming of our christ When the tent and temple is a free show of crisis. Revolution is the change we always need in our homely country, Nigeria. 

I know the clergy told us our messiah, who is yet to come, is not around, but I am waiting for that messiah that would lead us to our revolution, which is justice, which is the one truth we need. we say, if you really want it, act like you need it. Needing it is revolution. Acting it is the change we need. Revolution is the justice we want in our homely country, Nigeria.

Timilehin Obisakin

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