#WarofWords3: PANADOL EXTRA by Aquila Kalagbor aka QUILLZ


What do Nigerians want?

No what do Nigerians need to hammer this Herculean headaches

No! panadol extra…

Cos we need to be extra dull to forget that one man has an extra 50 billion dollars in his private coffers
And Few faceless fellows have three hundred of our beautiful daughters within our national borders.
Ordinary panadol no fit this headache to take,

we need panadol extra…
To ask extra questions,

to get extra answers…

To cure our country’s cancers,

we need bouncers to push them impostors outta we ruling party.

These rulers are fake,

Crooked power lines are all I see.
Stealing the dough outta we national cake… to buy them escalade and bugatti.

They want extra tenor, extra jets, extra money, extravagance…

using big big parlance to cover account when no balance.
On top our head naim the extra wahala dey mount ,
Panadol no fit take this kind headache
we need panadol extra.
To tell ourselves the extra truth,

we need an extra large heart because we are the giant of Africa,
tho we still toddle in our diapers and knickers,

we must learn to walk-run-fly,

if we must again raise these bowed heads high.
If an extra tear must be wiped from the 160millonth eye,

we must put that extra effort cos nothing good comes by luck.
And tho our patience has been stretched to an extraordinary degree,

Aba still dey hustle, worri sef no gree.

Because poverty Na chain wey all man wan free

but what we need is change because freedom ain’t cheap.

To get job for cyber Na war,

talk more of shell or Agip.
Nothing them don achieve.

Them make extra noise- extra siren, extra convoys.
Ex-civilian wan get intelligence passes our military,

previously perfectly peaceful parent turning paramilitary.
No one to look up to cos like the extra hot sun,

they looking down on us,

so shout out to the Gala vendor extra slippers wey still dey pursue bus

cos no extra flight ticket to Dubai or UK to go hail Naija senators wey no dey see common man,

blind Bathemus.

This headache too much for panadol to take.
We need panadol extra.
To open our extra eye,

we need extra light not extra candle.
Without further ado- we must go that extra mile,

to put an extra smile on one extra face.
We must put up an extra fight to free one extra girl

and spark one extra dream
No matter how hard it seems,

we have some extra faith,

but not to an extreme.

I ordinary, you ordinary, him ordinary… But we extraordinary
Panadol extra.


stage name: QUILLZ
email: quillz.ak@gmail.com

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